"Whisk Away gave me everything I wanted in a weekend, with none of the hassle of planning and research. At first the idea of booking a trip without knowing where I was going was a bit nerve wracking – what if I didn’t like it? But it ended up being a wonderful surprise. We ended up going somewhere we’d never planned to go! We didn’t have to spend time deciding which place or why. And we discovered an entirely new city with a guide to the best food, drinks, and activities."

Michelle (@michelle_wiles), Spring 2018

Media & Advertising Professional based in London

"Whisk Away provided such a unique experience. It saved a lot of time since all of the trip logistics were taken care of, and it was exciting not knowing the destination! I especially enjoyed the food and activity recommendations because they were options I probably would not have discovered on my own. Overall, it was a great way to experience a new city."

Elsa (@ewuewuewu), Spring 2018

Retail Professional based in London

"This summer I decided to take a chance on a "surprise trip" through Whisk Away. I wanted to go somewhere new without having to do all the work of choosing and researching a location myself. I was a little nervous letting a stranger choose my holiday location but it worked out really well! The suggestions all worked well together logistically, allowing me to amble through the town with a loose plan in mind. The most memorable by far was watching fireworks from a riverbank with the locals! The Whisk Away restaurant suggestions were a great mix in terms of price, location and ambience. We would never have discovered the city we went to if it wasn't for Whisk Away - and now we can't stop raving about it!"

Shyan (@shyank), Summer 2018

Financial Professional based in London



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